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    We are pulling back the curtain surrounding the mystery of professional recording. We are open to record everyone regardless of their experience in a safe, comfortable and creative environment. We will help guide our clients to be the best musicians they can be so they will reach their goals.

    Who we are

    RJC Studios LLC is a recording studio that blends cutting edge digital recording techniques with classic analogue equipment to produce a warm rich full sound. The recording team that is in house has literally hundreds of television credits. If you watch TV you have heard the work of the crew that will be at your fingertips. The recording studio is open to everyone, children, teen, adult, amateur or professional musicians.


    What can we do

    For Students - The Recording Studio gives our students access to the exciting and fun experience of recording their songs. It is a great way to document their progress and share your students talent with family and friends. We offer very affordable recording rates to the student base. Think what a great gift of your child playing music, on a CD or MP3 player, will make for your loved ones. School music student can take advantage of our service for recording instrument and vocal auditions for District, Regional, and State bands.


    What can we do

    For Everyone - We can assist accomplished musicians with placements, copyrights, and most music licensing needs.

  • our studio

    RJC Studios LLC two locations to choose from

    • Studio A - Mixing, Editing, Tracking

    • Studio B - Live Tracking

    • Studio C - Vocal Tracking, Overdubs

    • Studio D - Hamburg, NJ - Live Tracking, Drums

    • Studio E - Hamburg, NJ - Mixing, Editing, Overdubs

    • Our DJ & Advertising Agency Department

    RJC Studios LLC is a recording studio that blends cutting edge digital recording techniques with classic analogue equipment to produce a warm rich full sound. We offer locations in Hamburg, NJ and Stroudsburg, PA

  • staff

    Robert Cline • Producer/Engineer

    I love what we do. We are given the opportunity everyday to capture a piece of each musician and record their music at our studio. I feel it is my job to present their music in the best way possible. Growing up with music since high school, it has always been an important part of my life. Classical to Rock, Gospel to Hip Hop, I enjoy it all. I've heard people refer to "studio magic" as if there is some sort of magic knobs the engineer / producer can do to make everything sound great. People make recordings...not machines...not gadgets. So much of the tone of the drums, bass, guitar, and vocals is within the musician themselves. I do my best to bring that out and make the musicians shine.

    Brendan Fitzpatrick • Project Collaboration / Recording Artist

    Brendan is the owner of Big Bug Music, the store that our studio is located in. Brendan has produced 7 CD Albums and is one of the most talented and insightful guitarists you will ever meet. His style of playing can be described as dynamic and versatile that only comes after years of gigging, recording and shaping one's craft to a razor's edge. He is constantly growing and evolving, with one foot in the blues, he is always taking another step forward, constantly adapting and learning. We are lucky to have him on our team

  • session tips

    Studio Tips for making your session successful

    • Show up Rested
    • Just like being prepared for the big game, getting a good nights rest and a good meal in the morning will lead to a great recording session! You’ll keep your mind focused and waste less time struggling to crank out those riffs if you’re alert and ready to record.

    • Be on Time
    • Just remember that every minute you’re late is a minute gone from your recording time. Be sure to fully capitalize on your session by being on time (if not early) and ready to record!

    • Bring Backups
    • Make sure you have all the necessary equipment your going to need during your session. This includes extra strings, picks, sticks, and anything that has the potential to break during the session.

    • Bring your Band (not your friends)
    • The more distractions you have, the less you focus on recording! We ask that you bring yourself, your band mates, and your equipment but that’s all. Your friends will have plenty of time to listen back to your tracks when you get a CD, but while you’re in the studio, we want you to focus on what you came here to do.

    • Play with a Click
    • In order to optimize your sound and stay on tempo through out your recordings, it’s a wise idea to practice together using a click track, or metronome, before you show up to record. Remember, the less time used getting a tempo right, is more time to record and perfect the sound your looking for!

    • Mistakes Do Happen
    • If you think that even professional musicians go into the studio and record every track in one shot then think again. Be prepared to play your material a few times through to really get the best sound and recordings that you can get.

    • Quality over Quantity
    • If your undecided on what to record, or how much you can afford to record, pick your best songs and start with those. It’s better to get two or three solid recordings down then to rush through an entire album and be unhappy with the final results.

    • Have FUN!
    • This is what it’s really all about. You’re in the studio and recording your music to share with all your friends and fans. It’s supposed to be about the music and the fun you have making it. So leave the ego at the door and be ready to have a great time doing something that you love to do.

  • Studio Recording Studio Services

    • Our Mission - We are pulling back the curtain surrounding the mystery of professional recording. We are open to record everyone regardless of their experience in a safe, comfortable and creative environment. We will help guide our clients to be the best musicians they can be so they will reach their goals. We record television music everyday. If you watch TV you have heard the work of the crew that will be at your fingertips. Listen to the music on the shows you watch like Pawn Stars and American Pickers.......and you'll hear us.


    RJC Studios LLC is a recording studio that blends cutting edge digital recording techniques with classic analogue equipment to produce a warm rich full sound. We have 2 location to meet your recording needs. Each studio features the versatility of expensive outboard compressors, preamps, effects units and guitar processors. Our Stroudsburg, PA location feature ProTools 10 and Presonus Studio One Pro software with MOTU interfaces that can record up to 44 tracks at 192HD.

    Mobile Recording

    Our mobile recording interface features a 32 track digital mixer with onboard preamps and effects combined with 8 outboard tube preamps, 6 headphone amps, 2 64-Band EQ’s and a Lexicon effects processor. This equipment give us the ability to record 32 tracks of studio quality sound simultaneously. This is prefect for the client that is looking to record school orchestras, marching band, theatricals performances or concerts.

    Additional Musicians

    Since we are located in a teaching facility, we are very fortunate to have a large talent pool of professional and non-professional musicians to pull from to round out your recording. Prices are based on project requirements and time. Please call our studio for additional information.

    Mixing Tracks From Another
    Recording Studio / Mastering

    Our primary goal is to offer high-quality mastering services to the independent music community. To this end, we offer a control room with superb acoustical characteristics, the highest quality equipment and an empathetic approach to the diverse sonic goals and needs of independent musicians. Bring us your studio or Garageband files. Prices are based on our standard hourly rate.

    Why do we use electronic drums?

    Electronic drums have many advantages over a traditional live kit in the studio. One of the most important is flexibility. Using our electronic kit gives us the ability to change the sound of any drum quickly and easily. We can swap out Snares, Toms, Kick and Cymbals in seconds from a library of samples recorded in high end studios including NYC and Hollywood. The drums zero sound bleed allows the band musicians to play together in one room. Using the electronic kits saves musicians time, money and will give your project the best drum sound possible. If you insist on live drums, we offer a mic'd professional Sonar Maple 4 Tom kit with 4 Sabian cymbals in a isolated drum room at our Hamburg, NJ studio location.

    Why do we use a Keyboard instead of an Acoustic Piano?

    Much like the electronic drums, the electronic keyboard has many advantages over a full sized acoustic piano, and size is a primary concern for any studio. The keyboard gives us the ability to change and alter the sound of the instrument to fit a wide range of music style. Because the keyboard is digital we can place it next to other instruments and vocalmics without the worry of unwanted sound bleed. We offer a new Casio Privia PX-330 console piano with 3 sustain pedals. This keyboard redefines the digital piano category with unprecedented sound quality and performance. Featuring all new grand piano samples and a new Tri-Sensor 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard.

    Please conduct yourself professionally

    RJC Studio was built to record everyone including children. We have put a lot of effort into creating an environment that is comfortable, safe and clean so our clients can concentrate on there music and performance. For this reason, we ask that all clients realize we are in a teaching facility where children are present. We ask that you conduct yourselves accordingly.

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    RJC Studio LLC • 37 Orchard Street • Hamburg, NJ 07419

    Toll Free Phone and Fax • (888) 752-7890

    Email: info@rjcstudios.com

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